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                                               MISSION AND VISION

It is our goal to display, through a life lived, Faith, Hope and Love to our community and the world. It is our desire to stimulate an uwavering FAITH, HOPE and LOVE in the hearts and lives of mankind.


We are a family church who believe in the true fellowship and promotion of a family living in harmony with their God and with each other. We are a ministry founded on biblical principles, the everlasting Word of God, which causes us to prosper. We serve in the spirit of excellence with integrity and compassion for our community, our nation and our world. We are the servants of the Lord, the body of Christ, who have answered "Yes" to the clarion call to present Faith, Hope and Love to our communty and the world, in the image of Jesus Christ.   

We have Committed and Dedicated ourselves to "building the old waste places, raising up the foundations of many generations: being the repairers of the breach, and restorer of paths to dwell in, Isaiah 58:12.

We minister the Word of God with simplicity and understanding so that it may be applied to our every day lives in a practical and effective manner. By hearing the Word of God illumination and transformation takes place in the lives of People that God may be glorified thereby.


The main purpose in starting this ministry is to build people of excellence, power and purpose. This will be visible in every endeavor of the ministry. The Lord has placed this ministry in this city, county, state, country and even the world with the commission to instruct His people in the uncompromising Word of God. It is firmly established in my heart as Pastor, Visioneer and Founder to develop people as living epistles of the Word of God.

I have seen that we are to be a large family church, to develop ministries out of the local body and  Bible school. We will minister to the entire family unit. All giftings and offices will be available to all people. Outreach ministries will be developed to minister to the particular needs of society, according to Matthew 25:35-40.

By the example of excellence demonstrated through this ministry, people will be compelled to move out of mediocrity in every area of their life. We will teach Faith, Hope, Love and productivity through the media of television, radio and publishing books both nationally and internationally. Teams will go in and out of this church to the nations of the world.


Join us Sunday @ 10:00am and Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

2832 NE Jacksonville Rd.  ~  Ocala, Fl. 34470  ~   1 (352) 537-4879